Thursday, 12 June 2008

Watching the Clouds Go By

As we rush about, it is quite likely that we don't have time enough to just watch the clouds go by. Even if we do look, we might get bored very quickly. Too slow? Nothing much happens? Even children don't seem to have time to just look at the clouds and imagine.

How the sun glows just a little brighter before disappearing into the horizon. Music and video from the talented Lanuza.

The idea of watching clouds reminds me of a Chinese song from the 80s.

My translation:
My dear girl, why are you in tears?
Feeling unhappy my dear?
My dear girl, why do you sigh?
Worry clouding your eyes?
You are young, let's not sigh
Such happy years, let's not cry
Throw away the worry, to all gloom say goodbye
Out the doors we go, together let's go watch the clouds go by!

1 comment:

treasurefield said...

I love cloud-watching! Even star-gazing, and even less is happening in the night sky. It's just, as you say, nice to pause and reflect and wonder.
Great video, great reminder; they go perfectly with your name!